hi everyone, I decided to share with you some part of me. I hope that you will appreciate it and we will become a little closer.

  • so, I'm an ordinary fifteen year old girl who goes to school and trying somehow to survive there. Oh, and I'm from Russia and specifically from the city of Saint Petersburg. nice to meet you
  • about my views on life: I believe in God, I am a Christian and I'm proud of it. I'm not going to judge anybody for their religion, skin color or whom they love. I believe that we are all equal, no matter you're rich or poor, who you love or what you believe. know that I respect you as a person and you should treat others the same way. I hope you are fine, but if not, just try to move on. remember that God will put obstacles in your path and you must pass them.
  • what I love: honestly, I love fashion, create cool images, watch fashion shows and follow the models. I also love makeup, love to try some new products or some new makeup. and I also like to lead a healthy lifestyle, but I have a sweet tooth, so sometimes allow myself some delicious chocolate or a piece of cake.
  • movies, books, TV series, perhaps start with books. I read not so many books, but I can definitely say I found my favorite. this "pride and prejudice" by Jane Austen. so, movies: you know, hard to pick a favorite movie, I'm not sure what I have available one. but I can name my favorite genres: drama, romance and sometimes fiction, if the film with a similar theme is really good, but these are unfortunately rare. TV shows: my favorite TV series gossip girl. let us recognize that he is really good, only the actors are worth. I won't name my top 5 series, if someone is interested I can make a separate post about it.

I think that's it. thank you to those who read it and really appreciated. I love each of you, I hope I'll see you in the next post. peace and love