Hello, this is my first time interacting with my weheartit friends.
I am Sara and as you can see from the pictures I share, I am a fan of korean music.
I'm in my room right now and outside it's raining...summer is really coming to an end ㅜㅠ
Anyway today I'm sharing with you a playlist of the korean songs I've been listening to lately.
Hope it will keep you company~

Here's the link for the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amq-qlqbjYA&list=PLhWAaq3vgM8jzOd40MFmHz_MIZj7GZAVR

and the links for every song in my playlist:

마지막처럼 (As if it's you last) by Blackpink

Love Cherry Motion by Loona/Choerry

Eclipse by Loona/Kim Lip

Camo by BoA

Outside (Feat. Beenzino) by Crush

Yacht (k) (Feat. Sik-K) by Jay Park

Singing in the rain by Loona/Jinsoul

Pattern (Feat. Tiger JK, Double K, Junoflo, myunDo) by Superbee

Dinosaur by AKMU

Remember by 9Muses


Love me love me by Winner

Paradise (Feat. Fanxy Child) by Millic

Sorry by The Rose

Panorama (ft. Bizzy, Tiger JK & Yoonmirae 윤미래) by Junoflo

Last Carnival by Juniel

Tequila (Feat. Hoody) by G.Soul

Venus (Dance with me) by VAV

Anti (Feat. G.Soul) by Zico

Love city by 9Muses

Darling by Taeyang