"Take care of yourself.
Whenever you grow up, you'll want to change the wrong things in the right things, remember that the first and most important revolution to do is that inside yourself.
Fighting for an idea without having an idea of yourself is one of the most dangerous things you can do.
Whenever you feel lost, confused, think about the trees, remember their way of growing.
Remember that a tree with a lot of leaves and a few roots is eradicated at the first shot of wind, while in a tree with many roots and a few leaves, the lymph drains.
Roots and leaves have to grow in the same measure, you have to stay in things and stay on it, only so you can offer shade and shelter, just so at the right season you can cover yourself with flowers and fruits.
When there are so many streets in front of you that you won't know what to take, don't pick one by accident, but sit and wait.
Breathe, with the confident depth with which you breathed the day you came to the world, without being distracted from anything, wait and still wait.
Don't move, stay silent, and listen to your heart.
Then, when it talks to you, get up and go where it takes you."

Thanks to everyone who has spent a few minutes to read;

Hope you enjoyed it.