Hi guys, since school is around the corner I'd thought I'd share some top tips that will deffo help you this year for school.

1) Stationary/Folders ect.

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Always use folders to organise your notes.
Since I do a levels, I write up my notes in a cheap notebook very neatly whilst saving space for drawings/titles I'll make later on. Then I'd rip this out and stick it in my folder.
I have a folder for each subject and use dividers to separate the topics within a subject.
For pens and pencils etc I always use black pen as it looks smarter. I've also invested in the ever so popular pastel markers and also some crayons crayons to make my work look a bit more fun.

2) notes etc

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For notes, on A4 striped paper, I use big box writing for the title and write them up neatly. Sometimes I'll use pictures for titles (shown in the 3rd photo). Also if I have to do a mindmap/ fact file I'll get a plain A4 piece of card and do it on there, hole punch it and then stick it in my folder.

Hope you enjoyed these tips.