Everyone talks about love as being this powerful and wonderful thing. Being in love with someone is meant to be the most amazing experience. Two souls, two hearts, two minds becoming one. But if this true then why is love so painful. Why does it feel like someone ripping out your heart. I tell you why, because it more likely that when you fall in love with someone its unrequited love. You fall for someone, they're mind, personality, the way they smile, how they're eyes light up when they're happy. But what are the chances that person is going to fall in love with you too. There 7 billion people in the world, that chance is so small. But when it does happen when the person you fell in love with, choose to love you back it will be powerful, it will change how you feel about the world, you will see the beauty in the little things. However, till that happens the love you will feel for people will be painful and you believe that love doesn't exist, that you aren't meant to fall in love. But really the universe is showing you there something better out there, someone who won't want to live a day without you in it. So believe it will happen you will have that love that consumes, because if you don't what are we all doing?