As you already know, I ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶ sorry I LOVE EXO. I think there is no word to describe my love for these guys. What? You don't know EXO? If you don't listen to Kpop or want to try, I will give you 10 (at least I will try) reasons to listen EXO. Here we go !

1. EXO have original concept !

From the beginning, EXO has distinguished itself thanks to this different concept. The concept ? Elements Powers Each member of EXO has a power. You should know that EXO is come from the EXOplanet. Once on earth, their powers discovered, everyone seeks to attack them

To understand watch in order these clips: Mama>Lucky One>Monster>Kokobop

You will understand. In Mama you can watch members use their powers. In Lucky One they are captured by nurses who want to take their powers. In Monster, they are in war and they are captured by ennemis but Baekhyun (Light Power) has a double role in this clip. It is an infiltrated agent that deliver members at the end of the clip. Finally in Kokobop you can watch them use their powers without problem cause they are free.

Let's see together what powers do members have:

Suho: Water
Baekhyun: Light
Chanyeol: Fire
Xiumin: Frost
Kai: Teleportation
D.O: Strength
Lay: Heal
Chen: Thunder
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Beautiful, isn't it ?

2. EXO always innovates and experiences new things !

What I mean by innovating and experimenting is that they always make differents songs, they try everything ! There's something for everyone! By switching from hip-hop with Auto-Tune Lotto to Lucky One or Wolf, with this pop rhythmic. Growl with this challenging rhythm and this choreography done well. Love me right with this funky genre. Sad songs at the piano like Miracle In December, Moonlight or My Answer. RnB song like My lady or Beautiful. EXO have magnificent and powerful voices. And now we have reggae style with Kokobop! EXO don't always do the same thing!

chris brown, exo, and john lennon image
Me when I listen EXO.

3. EXO have unique choreographies

When you listen to EXO, you are forced to watch their choreographies because they are entertaining, well adapted to their songs and theme. Their clothes, atmosphere, everything is made to blend with the song and the concept. In Growl, members appear and disappear, dance all together. In Call Me Baby, it is an effect, the members themselves serve as a transition to the other members. In Moonlight, the members dance squarely but it is very artistic. Same for Wolf at the beginning with the tree of life and in the middle. There is also the choreo when they make wolf ears, héhé. In The Eve, members make sexy dance. In Overdose At first you can see the acrosport (yes what I did in college but in version less well) AHAHA. In Monster EXO make an X in the chorus part, it is art. They also make a M with their arms in the chorus also. I can't explain, just, go watch, you will understand by yourself what I mean !

Chen, dance, and kim image
This movement. I'm pregnant.
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Practice dance
exo, kai, and tao image
The X. Aesthetic.

4. EXO are really too cute !

At first, when you saw them in their clip, you see them with that serious air But the reality is different. In fansign, fan meeting or whatever, they act differently, They are the kings of the fan service. Especially the chanbaek (every exol love chanbaek friendship or relationship) In variety shows, you can learn to discover them in different facets and not only in the clips. I recommend EXO Showtime, weekly Idol (easily found on youtube), Happy Camp to see them have fun. EXO tourgram is the latest program currently on the internet!

exo and kpop image
I don't lie to you, they are too cute. Watch these angels.

5. EXO is the first group to have sold 4 times an album in more than one million copies.

Sales of the group's fourth album, "The War" in Chinese and Korean versions totaled 1,012,021, while the previous three albums also surpassed the million mark: "XOXO" (2013), " Exodus "(2015) and" Ex'Act "(2016). They have a lot of talents, not because of their beauties, they are very popular in Korea and also internationally

exo, jongin, and baekhyun image
When they learned that the war had surpassed 1 million sales

6. EXO is now a popular group who inspired others groups !

Exo began in 2012, and since then other groups have started as Seveteen or Wanna One. They themselves confessed that EXO was a source of inspiration for them both in the creation of songs or choreographies. Many people take inspiration from them like me, every day EXO gives me courage and strength to move forward, or when I'm not well, I can always count on them.

exo, kpop, and sehun image
Thank you for inspire me everyday EXO.

7. EXO are the king of style.

As I have already said, EXO are known to be really beautiful. Each member has its own style. On the stage or at the airport, they are always on top of fashion. Watch ROLEX or jeans Luis Vuitton.

exo, baekhyun, and kpop image Chen and exo image black, exo, and kpop image kai, exo, and exo-k image d.o, exo, and kyungsoo image sehun and exo image
Somes exemples for you :)

8. EXO members are full of talents!

Since their beginnings, aside from music, each member has grown in a particular area, D.O Kyungsoo has proved to be a very good actor, he has played in several dramas and movies in it is the main character!

Chanyeol composes his music in his studio and makes us share it on soundcloud or his account instagram. It also makes covers of his favorite songs ! Chen and Chanyeol write songs and often participate in the writing of their alubms!

The main singers (Baekhyun, Chen, D.O) sing ost for dramas!

The boys even have their own dramas name's EXO Next Door! You can see their acting skills !

Most members play in dramas!

EXO CBX, (Chen, Baekhyun & Xiumin) made to attract a Japanese audience also made a success! Boys know how to speak several languages! Japanese, Chinese and Korean!

exo, Chen, and kpop image

9. They are known internationally!

Our boys have managed to make themselves known abroad! They have managed to seduce full of other countries in Europe, North and South America! They even went on a North American tour! (You have been very lucky girls ..)

They also made the Kcon in Mexico! Kyungsoo who sings Spanish, it's just enjoyable.


Each members take care of others ! They also take care of their fans ! (Fanservice, thankfully, always polite) We love them for that.

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I hope you enjoyed this article! As always you can send me a message, we can talk together! It would make me happy! See you soon (✿◠‿◠)