If you want to figure out in which house in Hogwarts you would belong:
Here is your opportunity.
You only have to tick off the statements which match your thoughts and/or personality.
Have fun!

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() You'd do almost everything for your friends
() You love going partying
() You like to procrastinate
() You do what you think is right - even if it has big consequences
() You are impulsive
() You like to help people - even if they don't want your help
() You often act spontaniously
() If you can not stand someone you let them know
() If you want something badly you fight for it
() You like to get rewarded
() You speak your mind - even if not everyone likes you for it
() When you were younger you looked for monsters under your bed


() You want to help people - but you can only help someone who wants to be helped
() People often describe you as innocent
() You do not need a thank you
() You sometimes are a bit naive
() You are patient
() You always want to repay a favour
() Kill them with kindness
() Heart above mind
() You'd rather avoid a fight
() You are a good listener
() You smile at strangers
() Children and animals like you


() If someone fights, you don't immediatly take a side
() Or announce your opinion
() You like to learn, not only for school but for life
() You speak the truth
() You are curious - even if you sense nothing good coming from it
() Nobody should break the law in your opinion
() Mind above heart
() You already read the most important pieces of literature
() You believe your eyes; not rumours
() You are a dreamer
() You use the power of observation
() You weigh pro and con before making an important decision


() Without really knowing you people think you are distant
() You want to be the very best
() You are confident
() You don't have a problem with cheating on a test
() Rules are meant to be broken
() You like be in control
() You don't like to talk about your feelings
() You easily are frustrated about stupid people
() You probably are the person who picks up the fight
() You do not forgive easily - not even yourself
() You often believe rumours
() You don't cry often

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