When you say goodbye, it´s sure that you can´t do nothing else.
You have asked all the questions and heard all the answer.
You say goodbye when you try to have something more, when you fight hard but at the end you find every door close.

You say goodbye when you find you in the silence longer than you should. After you´ve been obstinate and crazy, and you didn´t listen the advice from the people around you.

You say goodbye when you stopped to care about yourself and you started to lose yourself.

You say goodbye when you see in his eyes and in his moves the silence. When you feel it in his words.

You say goodbye when you have tried to stay but he keep pushing you away. Because once you´re gone, you don´t come back anymore.

You say goodbye when you feel that he don´t respect you like you deserve.

You say goodbye when you think you deserve more. When you start thinking that maybe he´s not the right person for you, when you start thinking about something else.

At the bottom of you, you alredy knew that this would happend because you never felt really happy and you know this time it´s forever.
This goodbye it´s definitive.

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