Okay, I have an obsession with stationery supplies. So here I am to present you my all time favorites. You may find some of them online if you are intrested. I really hope you like it.

I like simple pencils that you can sharp them but I prefer so much the mechanical ones. The one that I use is the "Serve Creative 0.7" It's so soft to the hand and makes my letters ten times better than a regular one.

I'm really picky with the pens I want to use. I can't right with really thin lead like 0.5. So my all time favorite pen is the " Faber-Castell 030 M". I find it perfect for my hand and I Iike the colour of it. It has red,blue and black.Another pen that I like to use is the "Muji 0.5". I know I just said that I don't like those leads but this one I use it when I want to emphasize something w/o highlight it.

I don't like using highlighters that much so the ones that I use when I have to is the "Bic" ones. They come in a package of four and I like the colours of blue yellow pink and green.Just simple highlighters.

Correction tape:
I can't find anything more practical than the " Begreen Pilot White Line RT 4mm x 6m " I ADORE this.It's amazing. I have it 3 years now and I refill all the time. I don't like the liquid ones. This one is dry and I don't have to wait. I can write something immediately

That's the most important stationery for me...I don't use washi tapes or stickers.Of course I use post it notes but I don't have any preference.

I hope you found It interesting.