i wanted to share with you mt top beauty products i always use and some tips since i started to learn makeup and tried almost everything there
oh the struggle when you learn by yourself but believe me the result are amazing you got to see the improvement and learn from your mistakes and the best thing when you see the before and after pics you will be "ah i reallly improved a lot and I'm happy with my self "
if you want to learn don't get down if you can't do it from the first try it just mean you have to try over and over until you do it right

1.nyx matte finish setting spray
this is life that spry locks your makeup and let it set all day i swear by that spry
little tip : use hair dryer set it on cold and dry your face with it after you spry it with setting spry that will keep your makeup in place all day

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2 max factor lipfinity
that thing is seriously great i can eat i can kiss i can drink and that lipstick won't budge i love the my shade is 088 jeweled

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3. too faced peach highlighter

the smell the color the pigment god how i love that highlighter especially
when i spry my brush with sitting spry that will make your face glow even more
little tip : if you don't have sitting spry you can use rose water mixed with glycerine about tsp and water like half cup mineral water and half cup rose water that stuff is wonder

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4. baby skin primer by maybeylline

makes your skin smooth and buttery and make that foundation glide on your skin i don't find much different between the benefit porefessional and baby skin

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5.shape tape concealer and contour
i can't say how much i love that concealer i just..... no words seriously full cover and no creasing smooth and buttery a little goes a long way
this is my fav concealer of all times no dupe no anything this is the only one

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few tips:
this is something i do since i have panda eyes i use orange corrector but before i put my foundation i set my corrector with loss powder so the corrector won't move

if you want your foundation to look glowy just mix a Little of your highlighter one that is broken or you don't use it anymore with the amount you want to use

don't go to bright when it comes to your concealer and foundation choose the concealer one shade or two shades lighter for highlighting and for contouring one or two shades darker as for foundation it has to match your skin not darker not lighter but the same shade as your skin

you can use concealer to hide dark circle without the need for using correcter just use one shade darker and cover the dark circle and after that put your foundation and use the lighter one after that and sit it loose powder like banana

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