We were lying in your bed. It was a rainy sunday morning in early October. It was cold outside and we heard the rain hitting against the roof. You got up and asked me for coffee and I gave you that special look because you knew I'd never say no to this offer. You left the room and came back five minutes later with two big cups of hot coffee and a cigarette in your hands. You gave me a kiss and I could smell the sip of coffee you took right before you entered the room. I had to smile because your tongue was still hot. I put on a hoodie, your favorite one and we went outside. I can still see you in my mind as I'm writing this, lighting up two cigarettes for you and me, wearing that oversized black t-shirt and dark blue boxer shorts, your hair just as messy as mine. Looking at me with those big brown eyes I got lost in months ago. You took another sip and stared at me. I stared back at you and couldn't help but laugh. You smiled at me and that's when it hit me. I want you. Every single morning, with a cigarette and a cup of coffee in your hands. Every single evening, sleeping on my chest because you're too tired to watch TV with me. I want all the fights with you that are yet to come. I want that look you always give me when I say something stupid, that laugh when we act like the biggest idiots on earth. I want to hold your hand when you're sick, I want to give you hundreds of forehead kisses when you don't feel good after work.
I want all of these little things for the rest of my life. I want you, in every single way. It was right at that moment when I realized how madly I was in love with you. And yet all we were doing was drinking coffee.