1. Maybelline

Image by 𝓐𝔂𝓪 makeup, Nude, and beauty image blush, brush, and Foundation image Maybelline image

2. Clinique

clinique image lipgloss, lipstick, and makeup image girl, makeup, and urban decay image

3. Benefit

beautiful, beauty, and benefit image girl, makeup, and beauty image benefit, mascara, and bronzer image

4. Mac

mac, lipstick, and makeup image mac, black, and makeup image Image by ℓαυяα Rσ∂яιgυєz

5. NARS Cosmetics

Inspiring Image on We Heart It makeup and nars image nars, makeup, and girl image beautiful, dessert, and fashionable image

6. Urban Decay

makeup and urban decay image makeup and urban decay image Image by 𝓐𝔂𝓪

7. Too Faced

makeup, beauty, and pink image makeup, too faced, and beauty image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image makeup, pink, and too faced image

8. Tarte

makeup and eyeshadow image Image by Yana makeup, beauty, and lipstick image

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