-jobs fill your pocket, travel fill your soul-


paris, france, and city image architecture, france, and Notre Dame de Paris image paris, travel, and france image sahar luna, paris, and sahar image girl, fashion, and style image amour, graffiti, and inspiration image
bonjour Madame


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california dreamin


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egypt, architecture, and Temple image egypt and pyramid image building, egypt, and nature image egypt, god, and abu simbel image beauty, earth, and egypt image travel, camel, and egypt image


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22, Bolivia, and moments image Image by Miriam Rodrigues Temporarily removed Bolivia, dreams, and i miss you image Image removed aesthetic, bambi, and Bolivia image

-salar de uyuni


Temporarily removed china, red, and light image Inspiring Image on We Heart It china, ice, and cave image china, city, and templo image Temporarily removed

-tianzi mountains
-red flute caves


girl, fish, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed boulders, namibia, and outdoors image African, model, and sky image Temporarily removed



moscow, russia, and ❤ image travel image child, mother, and russia image nature, russia, and tuapse image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed

-lake baikal


mexico, car, and desert image Image removed beach, mexico, and summer image crystal, cave, and mexico image gems, salt, and mexico image awesome, blue, and buildings image

-Naica mine
-hidden beach


beach, cinque terre, and summer image Temporarily removed girl, fashion, and travel image