I hate school. I'm not saying that because i'm a teen and it's a normal thing to say. I really hate school. I mean first of all, Monday to Friday? then a two day weekend. Are you kidding me? That's enough stress as it is. Then I have to wake up hella early to get to school. Why in the hell can't all high schools be in the afternoon/evening? Cause that's when most teens be up. And then the amount of home-work we get for a weekend alone. Like, I HAVE A LIFE ON THE WEEKEND!!! I DON'T WANNA STAY INSIDE DOING HOME-WORK WHOLE WEEKEND!!! And then when we get to school, the teachers complain about having to correct a lot of tests, home-work and projects etc. Like, NO ONE TOLD YOU TO GIVE US ALL THIS STUFF!!! I just realized that I look completely insane, losing my shit when I just meant to write a simple article about the life-sucking thing called "school". Anywho, school sucks.