I thought I’d give you guys a list of the hottest books with the hottest swoon-worthy Alpha Male characters.
So, let’s get into it!
**Lev by Belle Aurora
Ah … What am I going to say about this other than: ”I LOVE YOU LEV.” This book had a silly smile plastered across my face the whole time I was reading it. So, the story revolves around Mina Harris, who’s been homeless for years, and Lev Leokov, who runs a gentleman’s club along with his brother and sister. Their meeting isn’t the loveliest—Lev finds Mina trying to steal his brother’s wallet cringe, but instead of calling the cops on her, he decides to help her. Their story is as sweet as hell from there onward, but not all flowers and sunshine. I adore characters who are realistic and flawed just like the rest of us, which makes them more approachable, and Lev is the definition of that. Trust me, you WILL fall in love with Lev. There will be many surprises and ups and downs, but you will get that HEA for sure!
**Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright
If you guys check my goodreads account, you’ll find that I ADORE shape shifters—werewolves are my weakest spot—and this book feeds my obsession greatly. Really. I reread and double-checked that. So, this is how it goes. Taryn Warner is a latent wolf, which means she is unable to shift. Her dad’s a major asshole who thinks that the best he could get out of an incompetent daughter is an alliance with another wolf pack. So, he arranges for her to marry an alpha wolf—another major asshole. Now, this is when Trey Coleman comes into the mix. He offers for Taryn to claim that he’s her true mate, so that she’ll get rid of the arranged marriage. Now, don’t go thinking he’s offering charity work; he has his own reasons for mating a daughter of a strong alpha with many alliances. The story’s full action from there onward, with many fights over dominance between the two mates, and a long road to trusting each other. Also, what makes this even more adorable is that the author is hilarious! I found myself laughing out loud many times. If you like this kind of books, you should definitely check this series out.
**Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds
I know that many readers hate this kind of “insta-love” stories, but damn this series was SO SWEET! I love reading such books from time to time okay maybe a lot because they tend to cheer me up –and God only knows how much cheering up I require sometimes. So, when I read the Until series, Aurora Rose Reynolds earned a huge spot in my heart when it comes to that kind of books, and Until Jax is probably my favorite book of hers. The story revolves around Ellie Anthony, who has a daughter, and Jax Mayson, who is a known player. It’s typical innocent-girl-trying-to-protect-herself-from-the-player from there onward, but with Miss Reynolds’ oh-so-sweet touch which makes the whole thing so special. If you want a quick, hot, and adorable read, with some action in the middle, you might want to pick this series up! P.S The books can be read as standalones, but it’s preferable to start from the very beginning.
**Bonds of Fire by T.A. Grey
This was one of the very first books that I read (I started reading in 2015). It’s a lovely mix of fantasy and romance. It has many magical creatures in there such as werewolves wink, vampires, succubus, and demons. This is actually the second book in the series, and I picked this one up for the list because the hero’s the most Alpha—literally too, he’s a werewolf—out of the 4 heroes (there are 4 books in the series). So, here’s how the story goes. Three succubus sisters, raised to be independent by their father (considering the fact that succubus females start feeding on hem hem s-e-x when they reach 29), discover that their father left in his will that each one of them was to be given to a powerful leader to mate with once they reach 29. They try to cast a spell to prevent that from happening but end up summoning a demon. This book follows the journey of Willow Bellum as she tries to escape her fate with Alpha Lyonis Keelan hot on her tail. From then, it’s complete seduction and running from the demon that the sisters summoned.
**Axel by Harper Sloan
This is typical girl-needs-protection kind of book, but oh-so-good! The Alpha Male in this book MIGHT be too much for my taste, but I still enjoyed it (the whole series really; it’s great people!). So, Isabelle West just got out of an abusive relationship, and the last thing she needs is to meet her high school sweetheart, Axel Reid. Her best friend, Greg, offered her the protection of his security corporation that he opened with some Marine friends of his, and Axel happens to be one of them. And, surprise, surprise, he decides that Axel is the best man for the job. Izzy refuses to take his help, Axel wouldn’t budge after hearing what happened to her, and old feelings start to resurface. This book is FULL of drama and action. The story’s so intense, and each of the main characters has his own demons to battle. This novel’s all about angst, romance, and suspense—the perfect recipe for a summer read.