Being in College has its good and bad sides. Basically, you should get prepared to write a pros and cons list. Sometimes when people, including myself go to college, relationships change. For better and for worse.
Sometimes having a bf/gf isn't such a good idea. Well let me restate that. Being too focused on one isn't a good idea. It isn't a good idea because having something as powerful as a relationship on your mind 25/7 ( and yes I mean 25/7), can stop you from achieving your goals. Say for instance your significant other wants you to stay close to home, but you have the opportunity to go away to do something great In life. I'm pretty sure you'll end up staying. By staying home because of that relationship, you miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. But being in a relationship can be beneficial,because whenever you are stressed or homesick, you have someone to talk to and cry with. A shoulder to cry on is what everyone needs. Especially if you are a loner like me and your only friend is your beau, you'll definitely need that.
Don't get me wrong now, people stay home for various other reasons, but this is the 21st century, and nowadays we let relationships dictate almost everything. BUT...... Going to college is totally amazeballs! Whether you go to a community college or university, it still has the same effect, in my opinion. Its like a new world. You meet new people, learn new things, try new foods,( and everyone loves food), you get to explore, and soooo much more. But most importantly, you get a sense of independence as you venture out into the adult world for the first time.

So basically, staying or going is like an iPhone to a Galaxy. ( they are both great, but one is just an upgraded version... LOL). Now don't let my little article dictate your choice of going to college or not. Just use it as a small guide, because this is my first year of college, and even I have so much more to discover.