From the previous episode of Teen Wolf, a brand new start from with more enemies and supernatural beings happening in Beacon Hills.

Back yet again, Theo homeless without a pack, sleeping around in his car and getting kicked out of the places before he could even take his next breath. What we find shocking next the most was when Theo was playing with the little spider and it got into his body !!( yes idk how but it did).

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And it goes on the gross part where he has to do a surgery on himself to get it out....( yes it's really gross to do it on yourself). But soon enough after that's covered he fight himself surrounded by a couple of hunters.
( He's always getting into trouble, poor Theo)

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Meanwhile, Scott found out that the bullet belongs to the Argents and went on a hunt for him with Malia at the tunnels. To only found out about his password, later on, was yet again " Allison ".To only then find out that he was in the middle of a gun negotiation, Scott and Malia kinda created a mess but saved the day too.

On the field, it was really challenging for Liam as Brett is making Liam's training hard but at the same time trying to help him with his skills and anger issues. Yet again Brett keeps on overpowering Liam.

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One of Liam's team mates, Aaron was attacked by the spiders and they consumed him till his death. After the practice, Liam and his friends found a dead body in the shower room and that scared the shit out of them. They went around to find Aaron because he wasn't there.To only then find out that he's in one of the classrooms. (yet we all know that it wasn't Aaron at all )

On the other hand, Brett was attacked by wolfsbane that was passed from Monroe the counselor. while fighting he got caught attack by his own lacrosse stick stabbed on to him.

He got away but when he wanted to go for kill on Monroe ,she was saved by none other then Gerard ( yes his back on the show again) .

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Worries for the next episode on Brett and also Gerard being back in town. Will Scott be able to fight agaisnt him and make peace while saving Brett at the same time ?