Somedays I think I'm completely over you
if you come into my mind I think about anything else
something not important, something I don't really care
trying to teach myself that I don't mind
and I have repited it to myself so many times, that for a moment I believe it's true.
But other days, when as usual your face shows on my brain
unintencionally I jump and dive into my memories, memories of us, of how happy I was, of how much I love you besides you have showed me that you don't care about me
and then I get angry with myself, for being the only one left that cares for us, you abandoned the ship and I am still here, I can't let go, and I have tried I promised.
But when I walk through the streets I am looking for you, I haven't deleted you of my phone because I hope that you will see something about me and you miss me, everything I do brings me a memory of us.
I meet people and nobody seems as special as you, nobody gets me as you did.
I live with the constant hope that we will be together again, because nobody is you.