Hello everybody! School is just around the corner. Now now, whipe your tears, I know it's sad. This article is just me helping you prepare for it.

1 Nerves. A lot

You're gonna need a lot of nerves for the people who you don't really like, for the teachers, homework, meal plan and so on. So good luck with preparing that!

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2 New chlotes

You need to prepare cute outfits. Here's a few tips. If you buy new jeans match them with a shirt that you already have. That way you'll make everyone think that you have a lot of new stuff.

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Make sure you don't break the dress code :)

3 Cute school suplies

Notebooks, book covers, pencil case, pens, pencils, highlighters. Make sure you aren't that person who always asks for a pen and doesn't return it.

Image by Montserrat

4 Backpack

You'll gonna need a cute backpack for all the suplies.

Image by Alr

5 Chewing gums

Trust me, you're going to need it. A lot of it.

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Heck a lot

6 Set your priorities

Figure out what's important to you. What topics are the most interesting to you, what you love the most. After you do that, try to study that a bit more detailed. If it's art, draw, doodle, paint. Practice. It is gonna get you to college if you want.

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7 Have fun

And at last, remember to have fun. It's school, not prison.

That's all of my first article. Hope you're having a wonderful time at school this year! Good luck! xx :)