Hello everybody! School is just around the corner. Now now, whipe your tears, I know it's sad. This article is just me helping you prepare for it.

1 Nerves. A lot

You're gonna need a lot of nerves for the people who you don't really like, for the teachers, homework, meal plan and so on. So good luck with preparing that!

human, nerve, and trillion image

2 New chlotes

You need to prepare cute outfits. Here's a few tips. If you buy new jeans match them with a shirt that you already have. That way you'll make everyone think that you have a lot of new stuff.

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Make sure you don't break the dress code :)

3 Cute school suplies

Notebooks, book covers, pencil case, pens, pencils, highlighters. Make sure you aren't that person who always asks for a pen and doesn't return it.

Image by Montserrat

4 Backpack

You'll gonna need a cute backpack for all the suplies.

Image by Alr

5 Chewing gums

Trust me, you're going to need it. A lot of it.

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Heck a lot

6 Set your priorities

Figure out what's important to you. What topics are the most interesting to you, what you love the most. After you do that, try to study that a bit more detailed. If it's art, draw, doodle, paint. Practice. It is gonna get you to college if you want.

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7 Have fun

And at last, remember to have fun. It's school, not prison.

That's all of my first article. Hope you're having a wonderful time at school this year! Good luck! xx :)