Anger issues.
'We' have them. Probably the majority of us.
Some are just slightly better at controlling it but still, everyone ends up with that one miserable emotion in their heart, after an outbreak.
But why?
Why do some of us 'suffer' from anger issues?
Why can't we preserve a calm and happy life?
Why are there moments, where it gets the best of us and rips us apart?
Piece by piece, you're losing yourself in that anger.
It not only takes the possible control away, but also it's seperating the brain and our soul from each other. We don't think, we just speak. We don't feel, we just destroy.
Words that rather should've been unspoken, leave your mouth and hurt the person you're fighting with.
Why does the words we say but don't think about in the first place, leave our mouth to hurt?
Why do we push away the ones we love with hate & anger?
Take some deep breaths, i say.
Does it really help? Mostly.
People weren't raised to hate or hurt others. Whatever, triggers your anger issues, find it and stop it.