Let me tell you a story about one special place.

Somewhere, halfway between the cold peaks of the Alps and the hot climate of the Sahara, is a place that cures all my pain.

I would not have even become a poet if I did not feel the pain.

Only the bench, on which I was sitting waiting for this sorrow to pass, understood my cry. Only pines have protected me from the evil eyes. Only sea heard my heart breaking into pieces.

The wind was wild.
He could not calm down.
He wandered between the branches, then playfully rushed through my hair splashing the hair everywhere.

Silence was all around me.
No car noise or people who argue.
Impressive silence.
Something that rarely happens.

Dear friend...

New mornings will come, new sun rays will find their way through the white curtains so they could illuminate the room.
Not only new mornings, but new afternoons will come as well. They have a lot to offer. Just wait.

The time of the dusk will come...

In time of the dusk you will know what your night will be like. Dark as usual. It will never come alone, never without company.
At that time sadness likes to join the night and wander around with the darkness just to make a confusion.

Only then you will know, my friend, only then you will understand me. Then you will start seeking a shelter from such nights.

I found mine.

- The Hummingbird (@emotionaldecember)