This is to the first guy that loved me back
No this it isn't about my father,
My father was a man of honor, love, and patience
This guy was my friend, a great one to that

He was always there for me at my times of need
He was my shoulder to cry on when bullies taunted me
Someone who played with my wild imagination
Even if I sounded as if I was from a mental institution

In this short but meaningful poem
I thank thee for your love
Your kindness and joy
The happy feelings you gave me when we were together

Your love taught me that I didn't have to be someone else
Your love made me feel as if I was who I needed to be
I know I was only 9 or 8 by then and unable to understand
But I knew your love was true

I hope you're happy with her
She is my bestfriend too
Someone I wouldn't have imagined better for you
I am also sorry for leaving so soon and not telling either of you

But when the time comes that I come home
I will know your love still plays a huge piece in my heart...

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