Hi guys!❤,

I have been following this workout routine for a couple of weeks now and i already seeing my body changin in a good way! I have to say tho that i didn´t track my weight through this, so idk really know if you get weight loss or not....

But bc i´m seeing results i wanted to share this with you, so you can try it for yourself!😄 I will also give you some tips at the end so stay tuned.

Firts some info about the workout routine. This routine is focused on the butt area and your waist. this doesn´t mean that you can´t get abs, you can simply at a ab routine to it! There is a change that your getting a little bit of a hourglass figure bc we´re training our waist.

This workout routine also helps your legs getting smaller. You can do this at the gym but it´s also home proof! The workout is about 25-45 minutes long, it depends on the person!

Now lets start shall we!😄

Waist workout.

- Plank, 30 sec.
- Pank rainbow, 20 reps.
- Bicycle crunches, 30 reps.
- Side crunches, 20 reps each side.
- Knee to ellbow plank, 30 reps.
- Hip raise, 10 reps.

Butt workout.

- Glute bridge, 30 reps.
- Step ups, 10 reps each side.
- Marching glute brigde, 20 reps.
- Box jumps, 10 reps.

Repeat this 2-5 times!


- By the glute bridge you can at weight on your belly like a dumbell.
- For the step ups you can use the stairs.
- The box jumps can also on the stairs.
- If you don´t have stairs, than you can do an alternative for box jumps like jumping squats or regular squats.
- An alternative for step ups would be a back lunge with a high kick.
- An alternative for the ellbow to knee workout would be mountain climbers.

Don´t forget to drink a lot of water and take you time on this!

i wanted to at pictures of it as a guide how to do it, but i can´t find a lot of workouts on WHI so i decited for not doing it. You can always search on google😉

i hope you will give it a try and let me know how it goes if you did. I would love that!
see you guys the next time!