stop listening to sad music, sad audio, sad multifandom.
listen to happy songs look at happy and inspiration quotes.
I know sometimes you feel down and sometimes you just want cry. but I can assore you that it doest help you. instead of listen to sad things and think you are depressed. you could better listen to nice music, watch funny movies, do fun stuff. because when you listen to al that sad stuff. you will think you are depressed. and idk why you would want to be... maybe it's because you want to think that you're special. want to think that you will get attention.

I will be honest to you. you are not.
And I don't want to say that you aren't special. I'm not I'm realy not. because you are special. But you aren't depressed or something.
There are people realy mentaly sick. they are in real pain.
You aren't just depressed if you cry listening to music, if you feel down. because everybody feels down sometimes. and it's okay. you'll be okay.

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