I will do it and I will get it at any cost because I will do it for me, not for you.
I'm tired of doing always the same stuff after I broked with you. So I will start to do something new, to do something that challenges me, that makes me bigger and powerful than I was before.
I will do new things to demonstrate you that I can do amazing things without your support. And you know why I want to do these things? Just because when I was with you I was affraid to try new things. And you know why I was affraid? Because you never trusted me that I can do these. You always said that if I will stay with you, I do not need to do anything to challenge me anymore, nothing I could have liked because I trusted you.
I really trusted you!
But I opened my eyes and I saw the truth. And the truth is that I can do anything that I propose.
And now I started to do new things that I really enjoy, I am having an healthy life and I'm more happy than I was with you. And I demonstrated you that I'm a better person now, when I'm without you, because I can do amazing things alone.