2017 is not over yet but I can say that it has been a terrible year for me. So much has happened and so much has changed with these events. I have dealt with family drama, friendship break ups, going into my last year of high school, my sister moving out, and much more. These events have taught me stuff, family drama is a living nightmare in any shape you can imagine. What happened to me threw me off path and pushed me in a hole, I am still trying to climb out of this hole. I have learned form this very thing alone that you should truly take every moment you share with anybody, friends, family, strangers, pets, you name it, take it in, even if it is an argument, take it in, remember it. Never take anything for granted because if you do, you are going to regret it when it's gone.
Change can be good, sometimes it can also be bad. People always tell me that "something good will come out of it" I don't always believe in that but sometimes they are right.
My sister is moving out and she is going to University! I could not be more happy and excited for her but honestly I'm really going to miss her, she has been there for me every single day and now she's leaving for five years (and she is probably not moving back home when she's in her mid-twenties lets be real.) the positive side of this is that I get some time with my mom, I can explore the city when I'm visiting my sister and find all the small and cute places I would normally never glance at (I'm also getting her room hehe) so that is a positive view on that.

This is my last year, but not really, I am going into Year 11 which is the last year in England. However, after Year 11 you get to choose if you want to go College, or Sixth Form, or just start working (I already made my mind up, Sixth Form it is.) But this year is a little scary for me, I always feel like I have missed out on important stuff because I joined my school in Year nine, this year is going to be stressful (duh), I will have to make important decisions that may impact my future, I don't want to fail my exams (again, duh). There are some positives though, I can do whatever I want because I have the control, I am making the decisions.

Change can be good, can be bad. You make from it whatever you want, you decide if you want to learn from it or if you want to lock it away and pretend it isn't there. The choice is yours.