Ok, I don't really know what to write but here I goes! ;)

If you happen to come across my little gallery there are a few Collections that feature my different projects.

My Photography is mostly pictures of Nature and Wildlife that I happen to find while on my travels and hikes. (I have some health problems and don't always get to go out so when the chance comes up I try to take lots of photos!)

My Projects are just knit, crochet and jewelry that I like to do when I'm bored and trapped at home. I prefer to use organic, recycled, fair trade, and sustainable materials.

My Paintings and Drawings (yes, those are mine) are just for practice and for fun. I've done everything from fan art to pointillism!

My Garden is, well... mostly mine and my Mom's attempt at growing some things in heat stricken Los Angeles. #PleaseSendRain #OMG

Sometimes I sell things! If I make any money, it goes to supplies and charity. PlantABillion.Org, Charity Water and FirstBook.org are a few of my favorites. ❤

Whelp! I guess that's it, then. Hope you like my stuff!