For all kpop fans or even for those who just started getting into kpop, I recommend you check this amazing and talented group. They are one of my favorites kpop groups.

monsta x image

Monsta X debuted in 2015,formed by Starship Ent. and it's composed by 7 members.

kpop Superthumb shownu kpop
Shownu (leader, main dancer, lead vocalist)
kpop kpop abs wonho
Wonho (lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual)
kpop kpop minhyuk minhyuk
Minhyuk (vocalist, face of the group)
kihyun kihyun kihyun kpop
Kihyun (main vocalist)
kpop kpop hyungwon kpop
Hyungwon (lead dancer, vocalist, visual)
jooheon kpop kpop jooheon
Jooheon (main rapper, vocalist)
i.m i.m kpop kpop
Changkyun/I.M. (lead rapper, vocalist, maknae)

Besides them being handsome and super talented, the boys are such dorks, always making fans laugh.

Here are their music videos if you want to check them out: