Today is the start of fall. Another season begins and in a few days school too. I finished school this year yet i haven't made it to a college or university because my country's educational system is a mess and i made the decision to pass the same tests next years so i can study in the university i actually want and not settle to the one i got in this year. so i have about 9 months to ready the same books all over again. I am okay with this idea right now i feel ready to start again and correct some mistakes i did last year. I am determined to change my type or reading and learning to focus on my target and my parents are really supportive . More and less i am not the only one that tries again. So by " Starting Fresh " i mean i;m changing my old ways in order to find myself and where i belong . I want to change my body . I wanna be the list maker kind of person . I wanna succeed firstly for me and then to prove to the ones that underestimated me that i may lost one battle but at the end of the day i won the war. I will persist until i succeed . I recommend you to follow my advice and whatever hell you're going through make sure to stand strong and start all over again as many times as you need too. Keep always that even the biggest failure even the worst of all beats the hell out of never trying