"Will you love me even if we meet in different time and place, and different circumstances?" He asked as they looked at the sky, it was a clear cloud-less day time in the beginning of spring.

"I will love you still," She replied as she changed the object of her view; his sparkling dark brown eyes--the very same eyes in which she found a profound bliss and contentment, then continued,

"because you are the reason why I feel loved, not the time and place, and even not the circumstances. You are the main reason on why my hopes have come into existence and you shed a ray of sunshine into a sorrow, dark, yet tiny room called life." He smiled and held her hand, transmitting the warmth through his strong arms which embraced her so heavenly.

"You are also the very reason why I don't mind people forget me; as long as you always remember me. For me, you are enough. More than enough. People say that fate is like a storm that keeps changing directions, but why does everything always lead me to you?"

They walked through the street to find the subway station. The spring breeze was still resembling the cold winter breeze; such a beautiful day to walk in the first day of spring.