whats up guys it Christina Jane here updating from last time im trying my best to motivate myself of doing YouTube videos and blogs like this and others often but its rough for me lately so im here to talk about my lifestyle and beliefs of being witch in wicca group as ive being borrowing books and researching spells,curses,rituals,hexes and paranormal things like ghost,demons,cults and challeges and games of what everyone doing such as jesse baron and dont forget to check out mine and jesse channel and click suscibe and like button my channel is #christinajane and Jesse baron channel is #jessebaron and also dont forget to join my community or group on amino its the same name as my YouTube channel dont be afraid to message for advice or info about witchcraft and paranormal things as im expert of both so what im doing is copying of sites and books on my book of shadows>my laptop>pages,sites,media,>youtube videos and live stream so yeah dont forget to check out my YouTube channel #christinajane hit the subscribe and like button and share you love by sharing my channel around xo