When I was younger I used to believe in God, went to church every sunday and even went to catechisation. Then my teenage years came, and I suddenly doubted the whole Bible and everthing that came with it. People fought for someone I did not think existed, lived according to rules I did not agree with. So I decided not to go to church anymore. As I got older, my curiosity to church began to grow again and there I found myself again, in the wooden benches of the church. The pastor started praying, not just for the Christians, but for the poor, the lonely, the abused, the despressed, the elderly, the gays and the list went on. At that moment, just then, I realised religion is not about whether you go to church every week and believe in every word in the Bible, it is about what you do with the lessons they teach at church and the Bible is a guide to a way of living or at least a way of thinking. It does not matter whether the stories about Jesus are real or not, it is about the lesson behind it that tells us to treat the diseased, the poor and everyone else like an equal. It is about not judging each other: ''He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.''. And this is why, after all these years, I still consider myself a Christian. Not because I go to church or believe in God, but because I share the same values and I try to live by them as well as I can.