Hello there, my fellow reader.

First thing is: Thank you!
I recently lost faith in humanity when I saw reading statistic, but here you are reading my weird first "article".

I called it "All the first one's" because I want to share with you few short stories about my favorite beginnings.

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it all depends on you

The first big beginning was the first day in high school, I remember that I was that one weird kid, who didn't understand what people mean by saying "when will you grow up?".
I still don't. I wasn't nervous I was super excited for the first day at school. I always liked the idea of the first day, because that's probably the only day when everyone is nice to each other. That was nothing special. If you're my age (I'm 22) then you know what I mean by that. High school is just another school that only shows if you'll lose fight for your future or not.

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haha, It's no that cool as it looks

Another first day was my very first summer job. I barely get out of depression, that's what I thought then, but after few days I realized that there's no such a thing like getting out of the depression I that's when I started to handle it, and manage to live with that.
That job, that first day when everyone was so nice (for 2 hours) and then show their real faces, that was the first step that I called: "Welcome to reality, kid. It's adults world and you have to handle it."
There was nothing special about that day. I just learned how to work for more than 12 hours a day and wake up four hours later and go for another more than 12.
I worked hard to support my family, and be away from them at the same time - that was my reason for another three years. Job, after job and then another one. First days wasn't that scary since I had 5 jobs in 3 years.

Then I realized that I want college/university experience. I want to learn, that's so much better than working my a** off and don't have time to spend money that I earned.

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totally me every two weeks in college

So I get a scholarship, I get in college very easily and I went there.
The first day at college was super weird. I wasn't ready for it. I didn't research anything.


It was a rainy day. I didn't have many clothes to go out because over past years I just had work clothes and three "going out" outfits, so I dressed in whatever.
When I get to the right building I was wet all over, even my underwear was wet. I find a class and I take a seat on a hallway, I thought I don't want to make it obvious so I'll sit far from my class.
And I observed... Everyone was from different fairy tale/planet and somehow they managed to be nice to each other and it was permanent. I realized that maybe it was permanent but it was also very fake. Everyone was nice to everyone because they all wanted to have a lot of relations, know people and all the business things are going on here.

Because of my distant behavior, I speak to anyone three or four days later and I knew to who should I talk and who should I just treat as little child because of that perasons "hustle" during classes.

You are probably wondering where am I going with that?

I going to this moment. Today I upload my very first video on YouTube and I don't know why I was so excited about it. I was looking at upload bar and every second was (it took 2 hours... thank you internet) the coolest second for ages. I don't consider this day as any special one, but somehow this two hours in the morning made my day.

My video is awful - just as I wanted it to be - so I'll not link it here but here's what I get from that short, weird experience


this present (now it's past) moment when I'm so loaded with a power of "publish" button that I don't care anymore and I want to be out there.

So, thank you. Thank you for reading this. I know it's pointless.
I'm sorry for my mistakes, I'm from Poland I don't use English that much but I want to, just to make it better.

Take care and hopefully, I will write soon.