This is dedicated to all those who are fighting against what sometimes may seem insurmountable odds. The temptation to give in and give up can be overpowering, but always remember, whatever your struggle...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! #heart2cureph


An original poem by Roxanne Giustini

Fight for awareness
Fight for a cure
I'll fight every day
of that I am sure

I'll fight for each breath
each step that I take
I'll fight for each moment
and choice that I make

I'll fight for my laughter
and fight through my tears
I'll fight with the hope
that I'll be fighting for years

I'll fight for my family
the ones that I love
and fight for each blessing
and gift from above

Phenomenal strength
Phenomenal drive
Phenomenal heart
and the will to survive

I'll fight every minute
and never give in
I'll just keep on fighting
and I know I will win!