I have been wanting to start writting a blog since I was about 12 years old. Finally thanks to WHI, my wish has come true. I was quite lazy and didn't find time to do the stuff that i wanted to. Now that I'm 20, i feel like it is time to focus on myself as much as I can and to motivate others to do the same. FIND TIME FOR THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE, THE THINGS YOU LOVE AND HELP EACHOTHER. As a lot of you know there has been so much evil and dishonesty in the world, we are the generations that need to change that and change starts with ourselves. A simple hello can help, not hating and helping people in need. It's hard to start thinking positive, but once you start, you will be greatfull.

Love you all, and until next time, remember to do good and that it will all pay off somehow,