Art is everything around us.

Art is you, art is me, art is the music, the sound, the clouds in the sky, my grandmother´s meals, your eyes...

Art is that which is special in it´s way, which catches you and envelops you.

For me many things are art, art of life, which gives me and makes me rethink what would be everything if it were different, if it wouldn´t seem art, something wonderful, unique and special.

Art is that, that with infinite value, that which just be looking at it or feeling it makes you happy, it fills you up or it just catches you.

We all are art, because we are unique in our own way. But I´m my own elector.

I decide what it´s for me art and what will complement my life , wich makes me feel that it´s unique.

YOU, you are art, even if you don´t believe it, you are.

And for someone you´ll be the most beautiful and wonderful art that will complement his/her life.

I'm sorry if I have any spelling mistake , but English is not my official language.
I hope you have enjoyed this little reflection on what for me is art, but ... What is for you art?