Dear hearters,

I got really surprised when I saw that I received 531 hearts on my first article.Thank you all so very much. It means a lot to me!

So, I decided to tell you a little more about myself, especially about my weheartit collections. What kind of collections I have, and why I have them. And which I like the most. I won't tell about literally EVERY collectiol, because I have 128 collections.

Most succesful collections

- Backgrounds
- Logo
- Hello

These 3 collections are my most succesful collections. I got a lot of new followers when I made these collections. And a lot of hearts of course.

Backgrounds: lovely backgrounds for everyone, in different kinds.

summer, palms, and pink image arianagrande image

Logo: logo's like Adidas and Nike on a background.

adidas and wallpaper image wallpaper, background, and nike image

Hello: my every month Hello April, May, March etc. collection.

march, spring, and hello march image october, hello, and autumn image

Most personal collection

- Personal quotes

This collection describes exactly what's going on in my mind and life at the moment. This collection helps me out when I'm confused. It's my way to escape from all those thoughts for a while. It calms me down.

Temporarily removed head, life, and sad image

My absolutely favorite collection

- Around the world

In my opinion this collection has a beautiful "feed". I love all of the travel and world's photo's. It takes you to other places.

Image removed Temporarily removed elephant, animal, and summer image green, leaves, and plants image friends, girl, and travel image Image by Hollister Co. girl, summer, and beach image summer, girl, and pool image
No worries for the rest of your days.

For everyone

I have a collection to follow for everyone. All of my collections are different from each other. I got my 128 collections summed up:

List of my collections

1. My articles
2. Personal quotes
3. Quotes '17
4. DIY
5. Industrial/Modern interior
6. Summer
7. Tattoo
8. My year in hearts 2014
9. Backgrounds
10. Beach vibes
11. Style icon
12. Dirty Dancing
13. Retro
14. Grease
15. Galantis
16. Blue bohemian
17. Pretty blossom
18. Fashion inspiration
19. Pink rose
20. Tropical dreams
21. My year in hearts 2016
22. Green grunge
23. Yellow grunge
24. Song lyrics
25. Finished bucketlist
26. My bucketlist
27. Realistic transparents and overlays
28. Drawings
29. Boo dogs
30. Glamour
31. Nail art
32. Friends
33. Grunge shoes
34. Funny
35. Things to do in life
36. Phone cases
37. Denim
38. Old but gold
40. Hello
41. Him
42. Logo
43. Frames
44. Purple grunge
45. Blue grunge
46. Pink grunge
47. White grunge
48. Fashion
49. Bedrooms
50. Couples, cuddles and kisses
51. Love quotes
52. Future goals
53. All about white
54. Stay classy
55. My year in hearts 2015
56. Unicorn
57. Inspired by Starbucks
58. Gold
59. I like big pugs, I cannot lie
60. Overlays and transparents
61. Lady Gaga
62. True story
63. Cool stuff
64. Statues
65. Christmas: It's the most wonderful time of the year
66. Grunge dogs and cats
67. Red Grunge
68. Grunge art
69. Quotes by me
70. Pictures by me
71. We heart quotes
72. Never too old for Disney
73. Say yess to the dress
74. Quotes by Lady Gaga
75. Dogs are best friends
76. Happy weekend
77. OK, but first coffee
78. Dance like no one is watching
79. Chocolate
80. Sweet as Sugar
81. My life in pictures
82. Coffeehouse
83. I love you
84. #SeaFoxNation
85. Relationship goals
86. Bohemian
87. Inspiration
88. Puma
89. Lookbook: My style
90. Spring
91. Beauty
92. Cosy
93. Necklaces
94. Classy
95. Winter
96. Autumn/Fall
97. Halloween
98. _jenskeeeex
99. Kitties
100. 100
101. Emoji
102. Adidas
103. #Prayfortheworld
104. Grunge
105. Emoji background
106. We heart Weheartit
107. Hamster
108. Movies
109. #Vintage
110. Garden
111. Sharkface Gang
112. Colours
113. Music
114. Wishes
115. Avril Lavigne
116. Make-up
117. Ansel Elgort
118. Cuties
119. To-do-list
120. TFIOS
121. Loic Nottet
122. Kensington
123. Alfie & Zoe
124. All Star
125. Cute textmessages
126. Around the world
127. Interior
128. Grey pastel white

I guess I named them all now.

Let's reach 4000

followers, quote, and thank you image like, thanks, and followers image Dream, followers, and quote image thanks, weheartit, and happy image
Number of followers at the moment: 3575

Lots of love,