Most girls when they enter their teenage years are looking forward to having a boyfriend. A lot of them achieve their goal but their choice reveales everything..

Hormones at this age are driving us crazy, I know.. We wanna do, taste and experience new things in order to see the world. In the terms of relationships though, we have a problem. Nobody wants to wait for someone they really like. If they feel like others find then attractive, in no time, the answer is yes.. That though may be also because of low self-esteem levels. They prefer going the easy way.

Personally I never wanted to have a boyfriend from a young age and I'm (no offense) proud of it because I always wanted to be a free and independent woman that needs no man to feel good about herself.

When the time I got a boyfriend came, I confess that I made a wrong choice not because I chose someone that didn't love me but because he didn't let me be free. Although his love for me was huge he had that huge disadvantage. Other girls might have stayed in the relationship for the sake of them both, but me? No no no..

Freedom for me is a lot more than a teenage love story and I believe that it's time more girls started thinking this way too. I don't claim that we shouldn't do sacrifices for one another but I don't think we should lower our standards for a boy at this age.

No girl should feel unwanted just because she doesn't have a boyfriend. Girl power is strong and we can support each other. We don't need boys to tell us we are beautiful, cause we know we are. Be proud of yourself beautiful young lady and let nobody intimidate you!❤