Hi guys !!! So this makeup is so easy, quick and natural so it's perfect for back to school. Personally I don't like wearing too much makeup to school but if u do ,you can add more steps into this tutorial.

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You will get a flawless makeup finish if you do you have a clean canvas before your makeup.

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face wash, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen

You will wear your makeup for 7 hours so you have to make sure it stays all day or you can use a setting spray.

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I feel like wearing foundation is too heavy for school so I chose BB cream, but you do you. Or, you can skip foundation and just cover up your imperfection with concealer.

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Please set your makeup with powder to avoid oiliness during the day

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5 . Blush
Now , you will look a lil pale after all these steps so you can bring back the color by applying blush , bronzer or highlighter. Since it's quick bts makeup it's actually up to you but i have more time i will put on some highlight and bronzer. Put ypur blush on the apple of the cheecks, bronzer on your jawline and highlighter in inner corner of your eyes, bridge of your nose , and cupid bows.

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Now , brows is super important to frame our face. And for eyeshadow, i usually skip it. Eyeliner? I use wing liner as close to my lashline and apply some mascara and i'm good to go

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7 . LIPS
I usually use lip glow by dior. You don't have to use that but you can use lipstick and top it of with lip gloss.

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But , sometimes i prefer wearing liquid lipstick so you don't have to reapply it every single time. Here are some of my favorite :

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So, that's it for today guys i hope you enjoy reading this article. Anyway , this is my first article ever ! So i'm sorry for mistakes and all that kind of stuff. See u guys next time !! Here are some makeup inspiration :