for you reading this, you might be following me or (most likely) just clicked on this, I am saluting you, hiii👋🏻.

I've been a member on this site for years and years. I have collected little peaces of myself in over 50 albums. All pictures which has inspired me, all poetry that has spoken to me, all the courage I have gotten, are all carefully categorized on my canvas. I will keep on doing so for many years to come (I hope).

I am so in love with our season changes on weheartit. I am not going to lie, it was probably a few months ago since I was active here. But today, September 1st, like so many years before, I come here to see the classical "Welcome September" posts, the pumpkins, the leafs, the hot cocoa, smores, an overall excitement for autumn and halloween. Hi September, I have missed you. It was a year ago I felt this happy feeling for fall, and I am so grateful for feeling the "autumn-happiness" and inspiration again this year.

I have collected little peaces of myself, my most private thoughts, my dreams and opinions, on this site. I am very personal and private, even though I am exposed here I feel like I am not judged, which means I can truly be myself. I love this website, and today I love autumn.