Hey! Maybe you've heard all before but I'm going to say it anyways.
Did you ever heard the story about a boy who wanted to kill himself?
So, it starts like this, there was a boy named Jeremy who lived alone.
He never met his parents because his mom died giving birth and his dad got really depressed and took his son to the orphanage.
Through the years Jeremy didn't made any true friends , the "friends" he had always end up betraying him, everyone treated him badly verbally and physically. School it was the same the orphanage, including his awful grades. The years passed and passed , getting worst and worst, in my opinion he was a sweet person always trying to help but society it's cruel.
He knew there were worst things happening but he couldn't ignore the huge pain in his heart. Above the cliff he could see the whole city.
One more step and everything would be over like everyone wished he would do. You know what he did?
He didn't jump.
He would live.
He would show everyone he could do it.
He would do it.
He didn't give up.

P.S it was my first article so please don't judge me, and hope you like it!
Kisses to everyone
- Mary