Autumn is stressful time for many people, e.g. for myself so
I though I'd share couple of tips for relieving stress.

1. Mark up all the things you have to do and do them asap so they wouldn't accumulate but remember to breathe between.
2. If you feel like you can't have any time off mark it to your calendar or just promise to yourself that tomorrow from 3pm you'll have time off.
3. If the stuff you have to do is learning related make sure that when you work on it you are focused. There is no point trying to learn if you can't focus! Take a nap and try again later or do something else from your to-do-list.
4. Make sure that you sleep enough. Sleep is the most important thing!!!
5. Eat well and exercise but do not stress about it. You'll have time to be healthy later. Nevertheless remember that healthy food and exercise have a positive affect to your mental health.
6. Take care of yourself. Spoil yourself at least once a week by doing things you gain energy and happiness from.

Hope these help at least one person out there :)
Have a lovely autumn! ๐Ÿ‚โค๏ธ