I became a regular YouTube watcher in 2012.
Never did I think 5 years later I'd be claiming I have an addiction.

I'd say I was fully in the void that is YouTube by 2015.

On average I watch 10 hours of Youtube a day. I watch it for about 7 hours during the night and another 3 through the day. I sleep on avg for 6 hours so it all fits in.

I would never have thought to address this as an addiction, until the past year when watching YouTube has actually started disrupting me, mentally.

It's all my own problem.

I build such an attachment to these Youtubers that I base my life around them, for example;

| "Would they like what I'm wearing, should I change it?"
| "Should I act like this? they might not like me if I ever see them.."

I have went to such extreme measures.

Then the ultimate tumble which is getting so addicted to the person that I feel jealous and hurt whenever they show interest in anyone else.

I need to stop watching Youtube, but I can't.