Do you know the feeling of not being enough? Not good enough for your friends, your parents, him or her? When you think that you can't do anything right?

Well, I used to think so as well. But I tell you something: One day I learnt something very important. People always gave me the feelig of doing nothing but mistakes and that I am not good enough for anything. They still do. But the point is, I don't care anymore.
Because there is only one person who needs to be contented with what I do. And that's my damn self.
Honestly, I am great the way I am. And you are too, We are human. If we don't do everything perfectly, that's fine. Making mistakes is a process of life. So you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You're still learning and you will always be.
And if people don't want you, because they think you are not good enough... It's their loss. Definitely not yours.
You know what I think? It is actually a good thing if they leave you then. Because I, personally, don't want to spent even a second of my precious time with people who don't like me in my fullest and who don't appreciate me. Why would I want people in my life who make me feel bad? The only thing they are doing there is wastig my time. Which I could rather spent with people who accept me.

So there is a question you need to ask yourself. Are they worth your time? And why should anybody have the right to tell you how to live your life and how you should be?

You just are the way you are. And that is perfectly fine. Don't even think about changing just to please anyone?
If you're the one who wants to change, go for it. You have to live with yourself. But make sure you do it for yourself only.

Next time someone tells you that you're not enough; Screw them!
As Long as you don't hurt anyone with what you're doing and with the way you do it, it is only up to you how you should be. You should love yourself, because people leave. The only one who is staying with you forever is probably yourself. So why should you change anything for anyone, if you feel good, the way you are?

You are enough. You are human. You learn.
Please do me the favor and love yourself first.

(If you see any mistakes here, you can keep them. I tried to avoid making mistakes, but if I did some anyways, I'm sorry. I am still improving my language skills, so yeah. Remember my words and have a great day.)