Everyday you can hear people complaining about their parents. But how many of them are actually right? I'm not here to judge, just to open your eyes by telling you my story. The story of my life: my parents. Some of you might recognize themselves ; others might understand and see in their parents good people.

My father. I can't say much about him. I don't know my father. Well, I've know him till I was one. My mother wouldn't let him see me because he is, or was?, violent. She was scared of him. What a proof of love would you think. Maybe. We'll see. Let's move on to my mother.

My mother. We've always lived together, the both of us. I don't have any brother or sister, and the rest of my family is living in other towns and countries. So it's always been us and the world around. In the beginning, when I was little, everything was fine. I was the perfect little girl, good grades, no stupid things, obedient. But when growing up, things started to get bad. I wasn't much at home anymore. I started to go out with friends and to have my own activities, letting her alone. She couldn't accept that, the fact that you have to let your child go away and experience life on its own. She wanted me to stay, to keep her company. Actually, she wanted a child way before she met my father. She was alone, a child was the perfect solution. So this is why I'm here. Because she doesn't want to stay alone and feel alone. She made me a prisoner. And now, she makes me pay for her loneliness and she drinks to drown her sorrows. She's mean to me, she doesn't talk to me (only by text), she doesn't want to see me. Cause I'm the reason why she's feeling bad. Once she told me she had been pregnant before I was born, but that she aborted. Now I wonder if she regrets it, if she thinks that child would have been better than me and that she'd rather have it. I will never know.

But what I just told you is not the only reason why we don't talk anymore. I can't forgive her for what she's doing. She doesn't care about me anymore. It's been almost a year that we fight cause she wants money and that I don't know what to do with my future, what studies, what job. She doesn't care about that. She doesn't even know what I'm starting to study this year, she just knows that she is going to have the family allowances. That's all. She's not interested to know what I'm studying, cause all that matters is the money she gets thanks to me. And don't think that she uses this money for me, cause she's not. And I can't accept the fact that to my mom, money is more important than her own child, me.

This was a part of me. A part that hurts like hell. Cause I don't feel loved. And it considerably has consequences on me, cause I don't believe anyone can like me and love me anymore. I don't feel important to anyone so it also has become really hurtful to see my friends, cause I feel that even if I was not there, here, with them, it wouldn't change anything. Cause I'm not loveable. Cause they don't love me. At least that's what I think. And I know that everyday that passes I'm going down.
And I am not ashamed to say that, yes, I think my parents failed. Cause eventhough no one has a perfect relationship with their parents, I don't think that everyone feels the way I do. I am dreaming about those child-parents-relationships in movie, or my friends'ones.