1. Friends

The original seven-page pitch for Friends described the show as a comedy about ‘six people in their 20s who hang out at this coffee house’. As a concept, it didn’t exactly scream laughter. But, as we now know, Friends turned out to be one of the most successful sitcoms ever produced, adored by a generation of young people who saw themselves in the six main characters as they negotiated the tricky path of adulthood. Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Monica will make you love them

"How long do cats live? Like assuming you don’t throw ‘em under a bus or something?"
- Rachel Green, Season 2.
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2. Supernatural

The story revolves around two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester as they follow their father's footsteps, hunting down evil supernatural creatures such as monsters, demons, and even fallen gods while trying to save innocent people along the way. Continuing the "family business" after their father's death, the brothers soon discovered that the "hunt" doesn't just involve slashing and hacking monsters and demons but also dealing with more powerful creatures such as angels, reapers, and even Death.

“Saving people, hunting things, the family business.”
- Dean Winchester
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3. Pretty Little Liars

Five girls rule the halls of Rosewood High. One night takes a wrong turn when the queen bee and leader of the group, Alison DiLaurentis, goes missing, unexpectedly. A year after her disappearance, the estrange friends reunite, still unknowing of what happened to their best friend. The four friends, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery and Spencer Hastings, begin to recieve texts from an anonymous messenger containing their deepest, darkest secrets. First, they think its their missing friend, but when the police find her body, they must discover who this nameless, faceless, dangerous stranger is and find out what happened to their best friend while protecting their secrets and loved ones.

“Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.”
― Sara Shepard
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4. Riverdale

In a innocent, small town, the death of a popular rich boy, named Jason Blossom rattles the town. Archie Andrews discovers his love for music, and his teacher. Betty Cooper unravels her feelings for Archie, and her family secrets. Veronica Lodge is the new girl, who is a threat to cheerleading captain Cheryl Blossom, Jason's twin sister. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead band together to find the mysteries behind Jason Blossom's murder.

"We feint, we prey, we approach, we retreat. We're like a cobra and mongoose dancing.”
- Veronica Lodge
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5. Two And A Half Men

Jingle-writer Charlie is forced to change his lifestyle and learn to control his drinking, smoking, gambling and womanizing when after a twelve years marriage his fresh dumped-by-wife brother and his son need a place to stay. Everything re-changes again after almost ten years when Charlie dies. Everybody's devastation is swallowed when internet billionaire Walden Schmidt buys the house that used to be Charlie's and nothing is the same.

"I'm telling you, Alan. One of these days, that kid's gonna fart, and birds are gonna fall out of the sky."
- Charlie Harper
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