I'm a Vlogger on YouTube and I mentor at Coderdojo to tech kids how to code, video it and team projects
I love vlogging my life in Scotland while I now Study my HND:radio. After capture video clips to video edit and make more 25 vlogs in the past year, I like to share you what I've learned in this blog.
Starting with 'Rules of vlogging.'

⦁ Don't show bank account details
⦁ You can show a letter you got, just hide your address. You don't want everyone to know where you live for the pass years.

⦁ Don't capture the face of a child (birth - 16 years old), unless you have permission from a parent to film their child or baby.

⦁ If you don't want fans to know what day it is in your video, 'DON'T SAY THE DATA OR DAY OR SHOW IT' (Computers show the data too, so be careful). Also don't share what's on the news or what celebrity have died.

⦁ Don't show naked private body part's or it will be taking off Youtube
⦁ Don't film a friend, who's at work and wearing uniform. If you do everyone will know where they work. And maybe if there boss sees the video, he may not be happy

⦁ Don't make video joining your work hours - special in retail, kitchen, school, council and supermarket. Ask your boss before you film joining work or at work events

⦁ Don't say you work for NHS or have NHS logo on your clothes.
⦁ Turn down the TV when Filming when speaking to the camera
⦁ Don't wear work uniform unless you and your boss are ok with you wearing your work wear on camera on the day you vlog.
⦁ Make sure no music is in the background when talking to the camera

⦁ Changer your camera ever night, ready for another full day of vlogging.
⦁ Place a wideshed over the microphone when outside.
⦁ Make sure you know where your camera is at all times. You don't want to lose it or forget where it is when you need to capture your life at the right moment. Don't want to miss the moment of a baby smiling, a reacting from boys, filming bugs

'Rules when video edit on a vlog video'
⦁ Export the video as a MP4 or WMV
⦁ When video edit, start in order of the video clips (don't do it randomly),
⦁ Say your word clear to the microphone and make sure when you speak, the sentence your saying makes senten to you and fans. If what your saying not clear, subtitles.
⦁ Take notes if you want
⦁ You can add music to your video's from downloading free music from YouTube audio library.Here's the Link https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music
⦁ When downloading a video to YT, make sure it's the right one. You don't want to get messed up.
⦁ Tag your video as #vlog #vlogger #video

I hope that helps when you start to vlog your life. Need anymore help on vlogging, You can watch my vlog video for explains and to be inspired on my YouTube channel
Or you can message me on my Facebook page for help on vlogging.
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