You have to realize this: You can't control the people you end up loving. You can't change their past, you can't dictate their future, and you can never know what's truly in their mind. You have to let them go in this sense. There are certain things you have no say over and this is one of them. It's either they do right by you - or they end up hurting you. But do you know what you can control? Your self security, your self-love, your belief that whatever happens, however badly they hurt you, it is never and will never be your fault. YOU are more than good enough, deserving enough to be loved for who you are, to be treated kindly and with love, to be made special. When you love yourself, when you know your worth - this is when you are totally, completly in control.

- let certain things go, but never let go of you //
Genefe Navilon (via letters-to-the-sea)