i'm really annoyed at the fact this world thinks everyone is perfect. if you wear a hijab oh you have to a perfect hijabi. i can't say i'm perfect that i pray all my 5 prayers i try for the sake of Allah. i can't say i still don't listen to music, i am trying to repent. i'm not perfect. i can't say i never said that i wish i looked like this or that because at times everyone is insecure. my insecurities ate me alive. literally I felt no good. i would sit and look at others and think 'gosh they are so beautiful Masha'Allah why don't i look like that?', or i would find everything bad on my face and feel like absolutely crap. i would always say 'why do i have boring brown eyes' but you know what i've noticed when you look into brown eyes, when the sun hits you, them eyes ain't brown no more they are a pool of beautiful honey gazing right in front of you. i just wanted to say this, i know it's long and you probably won't read it. just be grateful and say Alhamdullilah everyday because some people don't even have eyes or any other body or face features. Alhamdullilah Allah, please make me beautiful in the inside more. beauty becomes within yourself. girls hate on girls, while women empower other women. remember you're all beautiful, whoever you are! all of you are beautiful no matter what.