1) ORGANISATION: This is the best thing I did to organise myself in the morning, it gives you more time and it will keep you less stressed. Lay out your uniform or gym clothes, pack your bag and make your lunch all the night before. Putting in this extra effort before bed is something you will be thanking yourself for in the morning!
2) MUSIC: Have your computer/phone/music device at arms reach in the mornings and blast our your favourite tunes, personally, I love playing acoustics in the morning. This will get you excited and you'll find yourself singing along.
3) YOGA/STRETCHING: This is a life changer, doing light stretching or a yoga sequence in the morning puts your body, mind and soul in the right place before starting your day. Spend 5 minutes working the kinks, this will leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh!
4) FOOD; Please please pleaseee eat breakfast! There is no excuses for missing it! Having a protein bar or some fruit even will have you energized and focussed for the day ahead! Or find a breakfast that gets your out of bed and excited!
5) WATER: Having a tall glass of water straight away in the morning is essential, it restarts the body, hydrates your system and leaves you feeling healthy and fresh. Also if you aren't very good at drinking water, this allows you to get some H2o into your system effectively!
6) MINDSET: Write down ideas, a list of things you are grateful for or a do to list. This engages your brain and starts your day productively, even better yet, write down or think of the things you are looking forward to!
7) SLEEP: Pretty obvious one but girls and guys! Its important! As someone who has extreme sleeping issues and is currently attending to them, please sleep! You need it to function! Try going to bed 3o minutes earlier, this will allow time for your body to slumber and your mind to relax
8) OPEN YOUR CURTAINS AND WINDOW: Letting in natural light is a stimulant for your brain that the day has begun, it also kick-starts your senses and if you sleep in a stuffy room, new air will be refreshing
9) HELP: If you really ain't a morning person, use apps on your device to help you! Get inspired by photos or use sleep cycle apps. Trying new things will help you achieve!
10) CREATE A ROUTINE: Combine these useful tips and a few of your own to personalize a morning routine that suits you. Watch YouTube videos or read articles. Educating yourself gets you inspired and creates enthusiasm!

Thankyou for reading!